Wednesday, April 27, 2011

by Malik Isasis

Urban Dictionary defines black tax as:

1. The notion that Black people have to work and perform regular tasks twice as well as White people.

”Let me see your papers, boy.”

America refuses to deal with the 800-pound gorilla that is white supremacy. The white collective not only suffers from selective amnesia but also selective mutism. If progressives don’t talk about it, corporate media won’t bring it up. If corporate media brings it up, they’ll just deny we know anything. This is the approach the corporate media has taken when discussing race in America.

President Obama’s release of his birth certificate won’t change the white supremacists’ mind because for them, race is a ponze scheme to pit white against black, rich against poor, in other words, divide and conquer the citizenry in a distracting and dysfunctional social schema to booster wealth and corporatism. For two and half years corporate media, the Republican Party, and Rightwing political operatives in said institutions have kept the question of Obama’s citizenship in the forefront.

White supremacy in America is a religion where facts have no place, only faith and unsubstantiated beliefs. This makes sense, since racism is non-sensical and irrational. Now that the birther issue has publicly been laid to rest by the president himself, a number of other “Let me see your papers, boy” incidents have risen like Lazarus himself to the fore, mainly Obama’s education:

Barack Obama went to Columbia University and Harvard Law School, served as president of the Harvard Review, worked as a community organizer, worked as a civil rights lawyer, served in the Illinois State six terms, taught Constitutional Law at University of Chicago Law and has served three years as a US Senator, yet, it isn’t enough.

Only in a white supremacist society, can someone like Sarah Palin be called more qualified than Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign and have the corporate media go along with it enthusiastically. This is an exceptional example of black taxation. Interestingly enough, some Republicans are still saying he is inexperience2.5 years into his presidency.

Corporate media and rightwing politicos are incessantly trying to castrate, and feminize Obama to humiliate him.

Let me see your papers boy

Scholar and author Neely Fuller, Jr. described the four stages of racism (white supremacy) in his book, The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept as follows:

1. Establishment of White Supremacy: The sum of all speech and/or action, by those white persons who seek to dominate those classified as non-white
2. Maintenance of White Supremacy: The sum total of all speech and/or action, by those white persons who seek to continue the practice of racism.
3. Expansion of White Supremacy: The sum total of speech and/or action by those white persons who practice racism in a manner that directly, or indirectly help promote an increase in the number of non-white persons made subject to racism.
4. Refinement of White Supremacy: The sum total of all speech, and or/action, by those white persons who practice racism in a manner that improves the methods that help make the practice of racism more efficient, and/or, more “acceptable” to the victims.

A Complicit Media

Although Fox News and its other corporate media counterparts fulfill all four stages of white supremacy, they tend to maintain and refine racist propaganda by passing it off as news and analysis.

Black Taxation is the idea that no matter how educated or experienced a black person may be, it only takes white doubt to undermine that person’s credibility.


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