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Saturday, September 03, 2011

by Malik Isasis

When the Tea Party howls at the moon the corporate media trip over themselves to smell their shit. The Tea Party is new, and shiny, a fresh branding of the Republican Party after 8 years of a Bush economy that sent the United States into a lost decade. Born out of the election of Barack Obama 2.7 years ago, right wing political mercenaries saw an opportunity to rewrite history, and the legacy of bad Republican economic policy by making every government deficit and problem since the founding of the country, Obama’s burden, alone.


The Collatz Conjecture is an elementary mathematical equation that has yet to be solved. This is the predicament President Obama finds himself in politically, sandwiched between a rabid right, a milquetoast corporate media industrial complex, a disappointed base, and an unreasonable, almost pathological need to compromise with those who would rather ruin the country than give him any kind of political victory. Obama’s willingness to avoid fighting, to avoid the Angry Black Man label, has embolden the Republican Party, their supporters, and their politically mercenaries (Fox News, Talk Radio, conservative Think Tanks) to show an unprecedented amount of disrespect toward the office of the president daily—an almost personal ad hominem attacks, according to the New York Times.

Here is an example of the level of personal attacks:

The Bush legacy is not only the economic disaster, and a Middle East left on fire, but a Republican Party, which no longer
respects rules and traditions of governance. Like George Bush and his Vice President, Dick Cheney, truth no longer matters, only the religious fervor of their talking points. After eight years of watching George W. Bush use the federal government to make the largest transfer of wealth in human history from the public sphere to private sphere with wars, and unaccountable, non-bid contracts to corporations, the privatization of public schools, bank bailouts (which begun under Bush) and the military, his Republican Party adapted Bush’s and Cheney’s lizard brain way of governance, that is to say, to show contempt toward the people they govern and those who disagree with them.

Driven by the id, base emotion, Republicans are like the jealous boyfriend, if he can’t have you, no one can. They only hate the government when they are not in power. For a group that hates the federal government so much, the Republicans spend an average of 18 years in Congress, and of the longest serving Congress members, Republicans averaged 41 years—that’s a lot of time to serve at a job they hate, but go out of their way to have.

The Republican conservative cabal reminds me of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, whose obsession with the ring, drove him mad. Like Gollum, the Republicans’ minds are so consumed with getting the powers of the presidency, that they’ve become cartoonishly evil, histrionic, and abhorrently immature. They have achieved a level of political petulance haven’t seen in a long while.

They’ve spent a better part of Obama’s presidency, obstructing. More Republican obstruction here, and here. Blinded by a sense of entitlement, and unadulterated hate of Obama the Republicans have revealed their governing solution: to do nothing, to let the economy in which they collapsed in the first place, sit and fester and blame the failure on the Democrats, more specifically on Obama.

The modern Republican Party is incompetent and is often star of the Peter Principle, rising to the levels of power, and into positions its members are no longer competent in. For example, Republicans tend to be great political guerrillas, able to create simple dogmatic talking points, and the ability to pend their weaknesses on the Democrats, to win political office, but when they are called upon to govern responsibly, their incompetence is reached.

The philosophy of business first, and capitalism as the Coming of Christ, often results in a crash and burn cycle, however, Republicans are only able to rise from their political deaths like Lazarus without ever having to change their governing philosophy because of the corporate media, who pretends that they have something new to offer—i.e. tax cuts and deregulation, both tried for 8 years under George W. Bush’s watch, but as the Tea Party, a symbol of civil disobedience, they get a second bite at the apple of intransigence.


Under the veneer of capitalism, debt and deficits, the Republican right wing cabal has found a way to nest their personalized hatred of Obama. The right wing political mercenaries have used the current economic crisis, again the one they’ve created, to destroy Obama using the most powerful arsenal in their toolbox. Race. The fear of a black man. And Obama, fully aware of such a stratagem, has hemmed himself in with his milquetoast compromises, not fully understanding that when you give a bully more, the more the bully takes. Obama’s handling of the historical levels of disrespect from the oppositional party has also caused his deflated base to abandon him because he doesn’t fight; he only compromises, which is his religion. Bi-partisanship is theology in D.C., but only for Democrats, for it is the document Republicans use in their death by a thousand paper cuts tactic, and while Obama bleeds out, they’ll refuse to compromise based on their principles. The corporate media muddy the waters of this political heist as “both sides” to show that they are being fair, but it's a lazy way the media raises itself above the fray, but they are responsible for empowering and allowing the wolves who ate the sheep, now dressed as the sheep, back onto family farm.

The Republican cabal has decided that Obama’s failures are their gain, which creates an easy political solution, do absolutely nothing to fix the economic, and political disparity in this country.

With a corporate media that is more interested in being political insiders than the Fourth Estate, a political party, the Republicans whose petulant intransigence further corrodes the gap between the haves and the have nots, and a president who is so afraid of being called an Angry Black Man, that he is willing to compromise away his integrity in the name of bi-partisanship, the mythical unicorn of D.C. politics, which only one party adheres to, where does this leaves us?

In a world of shit.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

by Malik Isasis

Urban Dictionary defines black tax as:

1. The notion that Black people have to work and perform regular tasks twice as well as White people.

”Let me see your papers, boy.”

America refuses to deal with the 800-pound gorilla that is white supremacy. The white collective not only suffers from selective amnesia but also selective mutism. If progressives don’t talk about it, corporate media won’t bring it up. If corporate media brings it up, they’ll just deny we know anything. This is the approach the corporate media has taken when discussing race in America.

President Obama’s release of his birth certificate won’t change the white supremacists’ mind because for them, race is a ponze scheme to pit white against black, rich against poor, in other words, divide and conquer the citizenry in a distracting and dysfunctional social schema to booster wealth and corporatism. For two and half years corporate media, the Republican Party, and Rightwing political operatives in said institutions have kept the question of Obama’s citizenship in the forefront.

White supremacy in America is a religion where facts have no place, only faith and unsubstantiated beliefs. This makes sense, since racism is non-sensical and irrational. Now that the birther issue has publicly been laid to rest by the president himself, a number of other “Let me see your papers, boy” incidents have risen like Lazarus himself to the fore, mainly Obama’s education:

Barack Obama went to Columbia University and Harvard Law School, served as president of the Harvard Review, worked as a community organizer, worked as a civil rights lawyer, served in the Illinois State six terms, taught Constitutional Law at University of Chicago Law and has served three years as a US Senator, yet, it isn’t enough.

Only in a white supremacist society, can someone like Sarah Palin be called more qualified than Barack Obama during the 2008 campaign and have the corporate media go along with it enthusiastically. This is an exceptional example of black taxation. Interestingly enough, some Republicans are still saying he is inexperience2.5 years into his presidency.

Corporate media and rightwing politicos are incessantly trying to castrate, and feminize Obama to humiliate him.

Let me see your papers boy

Scholar and author Neely Fuller, Jr. described the four stages of racism (white supremacy) in his book, The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept as follows:

1. Establishment of White Supremacy: The sum of all speech and/or action, by those white persons who seek to dominate those classified as non-white
2. Maintenance of White Supremacy: The sum total of all speech and/or action, by those white persons who seek to continue the practice of racism.
3. Expansion of White Supremacy: The sum total of speech and/or action by those white persons who practice racism in a manner that directly, or indirectly help promote an increase in the number of non-white persons made subject to racism.
4. Refinement of White Supremacy: The sum total of all speech, and or/action, by those white persons who practice racism in a manner that improves the methods that help make the practice of racism more efficient, and/or, more “acceptable” to the victims.

A Complicit Media

Although Fox News and its other corporate media counterparts fulfill all four stages of white supremacy, they tend to maintain and refine racist propaganda by passing it off as news and analysis.

Black Taxation is the idea that no matter how educated or experienced a black person may be, it only takes white doubt to undermine that person’s credibility.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

a Matrix Report
by Malik Isasis

The nihilistic, paranoid, pathological, collaboration between corporate media and its corporate henchmen and women—the Right Wing cabal and Republican Party have resulted in a carefully stratagem of transferring blame to the cause of the economic collapse of two years ago from Wall Street, to Teachers and unions. Only in despotic regimes, or America could something as absurd as blaming the poor and the working class for creating an economic crisis spawn by Republican wars, and the military industrial complex, banks, and the transfer of trillions from public coffers to private ones by the Federal Reserve, be put completely, and without question on the backs of the working class.

After a generation of economical Republican philosophy of Starving the Beast, that is driving up deficits so high that following Democratic congresses and presidents have no choice but to cut and or eliminate social programs. Republicans are now using the economic crises produced by George W. Bush, and Republicans over the last twelve years as a way of driving their social and economic policies to shape the UNited States for generations. The Republican goal is no secret; they want to destroy the Democratic Party, their groundbreaking social security programs, and have a workforce that is indentured to corporations. It sounds almost hyperbolic, something out of 1984, if it were not true.

Wall Street bankers and their meat puppets who work in the halls of congress are responsible, solely responsible for the economic collapse, and now they are using teachers, women, and unions as obfuscation.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

by Malik Isasis

"Release the Kracken!" is the line Liam Neeson's Zeus, orders at the behest of his duplicitous brother Hades in the film, Clash of the Titans. The people of Argos have begun to question Zeus as a god, and as a punishment Zeus has allowed his brother Hades free from the underworld to wreck havoc on mankind, so that they return to believing in gods. This is not a review of the film Clash of the Titans but an observation of Fox News' fight to push back on any responsibility in the violent, raging political atmosphere it has created since the election of a black man as president to keep the Southern Strategy alive.

While Fox News' has released the Kracken, mainstream media are running like the citizens of Argos, slipping in a dysfunctional, exploitive and lazy narrative of false equivalency between the right and left, and the American public suffers from the consequences of being under informed.

And this is the dysfunction of the corporate media, pretending to be above the fray by being milquetoast, afraid of the ire from the right. The corporate media would rather say both sides (left and right) are equally responsible for violent rhetoric to avoid the criticism of being unfair to the right, being actual journalists and discerning what is truth and what is spin. The right doesn't have that problem.

It seems when the corporate media has a choice, it always choose the path of least resistance. The corporate media’s main goal is to penetrate our consciousness and sub consciousness every second of every day with its news, images, and products, but not with anything of value, just useless exploitation of tragedies.

Past Behavior is a Predictor of Future Behavior

Back in April of 1994 there was a genocide in Rwanda, Africa. The genocide was the result of a number complex issues such as civil war and strife and neocolonialism by the Europeans. Tutsis and Hutus, genetically the same were divided politically by Europeans (German and Belgian specifically), with the Tutsi the minority tribe being appointed a more superior racial type than Hutus, a numerical majority, thus began the seeds that would blossom into a full blown genocide once the European colonists Germany, and Belgian uprooted

For 100 days, a million people were murdered, shot, raped and hacked to death with machetes. It was called the most efficient and coordinated genocide in human history, but in America there was a perverse obsession with the O.J. Simpson Murder case (for which thousands of hours were dedicated), and during the genocide, the corporate media garnered more sympathy for the silver back gorillas who were being slaughtered in the cross-fire than their human brethren. 10,000 black, African bodies floated down the Nyabarongo River hundreds miles to neighboring countries, and America watched O.J. Simpson.

The reasons the genocide was so efficient was because of the media: world media turning a blind-eye, and the local radio disc jockeys telling the murders where to find people hiding, broadcasting their whereabouts. The radio stations stirred the hatred and fueled the holocaust that was Rwanda, which brings me to Fox News. It is a genocide of intelligence.

Fox News, is not really news, but an arm of a neoconservative cabal designed specifically to destroy the Democratic Party and to project a parallel universe that is filled with American exceptionalism, nationalism, fascism, war and most of all a perversity of jingoism that seems no different than if you were watching a State controlled news program in North Korea. With a network of echo chambers, Fox News and their political operatives in the corporate media have convinced poor white people to rise and rage against their own interests. The absurdity of this would be like slaves rising up against legislation to free them from human bondage.

Universal health care, unions for better pay and job security, privacy, the choice to have an abortion or not to, etc.--all these things to a person who doesn't suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, is just common sense.

We are a nation of idiots because our media teaches us so, but evolution will take care of the United States just as it had other superpowers before it.

Go ahead, release the Kracken!

Monday, January 10, 2011

by Malik Isasis

For some two years, Fox News’ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year of propaganda fueled the anti-government, anti-people of color, and anti-immigrant zeitgeist of the Tea Party. It was bound to happen that someone would be killed due to the incessant, and vile hate that is being produced by the political and corporate right. And now that Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford fights for her life after a assassination attempt, Fox News has been running away from the last two years of their brand of hate. They may receive a reprieve from the corporate media, but they won’t receive one from the truth.

Fox News Pretending

Fox News has a habit of causing bad things to happen and then pretending it had nothing to do with the mess. Arizona has been a tinderbox for anti-immigrant fervor, and Fox News has for two years stoked the flames of bigotry, and since the tragedy of congresswoman Gifford, Fox has been pretending to be a real news outfit, but the obfuscation was short lived, it didn’t take long for its pundits to be hypersensitive and project, and rightly so, they and their radio compatriots bear some blame for the bubbling political violence in American politics, but they can’t run from their broadcasts.

Here is Brave New Films, which has exposed Fox News for what it is:

President Obama should cancel his upcoming interview with Fox News. The corporate media should also call out Fox News for not being a news organization, rather a political machine.
One can only dream, right?

Thursday, December 09, 2010

by Malik Isasis

For two years the recalcitrant Republicans have said “no” to every single Democratic piece of legislation, and now that the Democrats are fighting President Obama’s capitulation to the Republican leadership over taxes, it is the Democrats, predictably who are receiving the ire of the corporate media. And unsurprisingly, Obama has joined the Republican, and corporate choir, as he had, for the past two years.

When the Democratic Party recently rejected Obama’s one-sided compromise on the Bush-Tax cuts, Obama referred to his progressive members as sanctimonious. Initially, I thought Obama was playing chess, but after being slapped and turning the other cheek one-too-many times, it became alarmingly clear, that he was only playing checkers. Issue after issue: Gays in the Military, prosecuting Bush officials for war crimes, selling out to healthcare companies to get rid of the Public Options, and now supporting a two year extension of the Bush Tax cut. Obama has compromised, or not fought for progressive issues, and the reality that liberals and progressive must come to accept is that Obama is not really a progressive, rather, he’s a corporate Democrat, just as former President Bill Clinton was.

One Too Many Slaps Is Abuse

Even when Republicans get what they want, they still abuse him, and he takes it—actually, absorbing the Republicans’ talking points to sell what is clearly a sellout of his progressive base.

When a Republican called Obama a liar, Obama said nothing. Former Republican House Leader Newt Gingrich called President Obama a socialist, Obama said nothing. Right wing fascists Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and all of Fox News daily, refer to Obama as a communist, socialist and racist, and Obama says nothing. Asked what he thought of Kanye West taking the microphone from Taylor Swift at the MTV Awards, he said, “He’s a jackass”

Obama's displacement, or kicking the dog, is a clear symptom that he doesn't have the fortitude to fight Republicans, but he will be quick to hit back at progressives. It's high time we get out of this abusive relationship.