Tuesday, January 11, 2011

by Malik Isasis

"Release the Kracken!" is the line Liam Neeson's Zeus, orders at the behest of his duplicitous brother Hades in the film, Clash of the Titans. The people of Argos have begun to question Zeus as a god, and as a punishment Zeus has allowed his brother Hades free from the underworld to wreck havoc on mankind, so that they return to believing in gods. This is not a review of the film Clash of the Titans but an observation of Fox News' fight to push back on any responsibility in the violent, raging political atmosphere it has created since the election of a black man as president to keep the Southern Strategy alive.

While Fox News' has released the Kracken, mainstream media are running like the citizens of Argos, slipping in a dysfunctional, exploitive and lazy narrative of false equivalency between the right and left, and the American public suffers from the consequences of being under informed.

And this is the dysfunction of the corporate media, pretending to be above the fray by being milquetoast, afraid of the ire from the right. The corporate media would rather say both sides (left and right) are equally responsible for violent rhetoric to avoid the criticism of being unfair to the right, being actual journalists and discerning what is truth and what is spin. The right doesn't have that problem.

It seems when the corporate media has a choice, it always choose the path of least resistance. The corporate media’s main goal is to penetrate our consciousness and sub consciousness every second of every day with its news, images, and products, but not with anything of value, just useless exploitation of tragedies.

Past Behavior is a Predictor of Future Behavior

Back in April of 1994 there was a genocide in Rwanda, Africa. The genocide was the result of a number complex issues such as civil war and strife and neocolonialism by the Europeans. Tutsis and Hutus, genetically the same were divided politically by Europeans (German and Belgian specifically), with the Tutsi the minority tribe being appointed a more superior racial type than Hutus, a numerical majority, thus began the seeds that would blossom into a full blown genocide once the European colonists Germany, and Belgian uprooted

For 100 days, a million people were murdered, shot, raped and hacked to death with machetes. It was called the most efficient and coordinated genocide in human history, but in America there was a perverse obsession with the O.J. Simpson Murder case (for which thousands of hours were dedicated), and during the genocide, the corporate media garnered more sympathy for the silver back gorillas who were being slaughtered in the cross-fire than their human brethren. 10,000 black, African bodies floated down the Nyabarongo River hundreds miles to neighboring countries, and America watched O.J. Simpson.

The reasons the genocide was so efficient was because of the media: world media turning a blind-eye, and the local radio disc jockeys telling the murders where to find people hiding, broadcasting their whereabouts. The radio stations stirred the hatred and fueled the holocaust that was Rwanda, which brings me to Fox News. It is a genocide of intelligence.

Fox News, is not really news, but an arm of a neoconservative cabal designed specifically to destroy the Democratic Party and to project a parallel universe that is filled with American exceptionalism, nationalism, fascism, war and most of all a perversity of jingoism that seems no different than if you were watching a State controlled news program in North Korea. With a network of echo chambers, Fox News and their political operatives in the corporate media have convinced poor white people to rise and rage against their own interests. The absurdity of this would be like slaves rising up against legislation to free them from human bondage.

Universal health care, unions for better pay and job security, privacy, the choice to have an abortion or not to, etc.--all these things to a person who doesn't suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, is just common sense.

We are a nation of idiots because our media teaches us so, but evolution will take care of the United States just as it had other superpowers before it.

Go ahead, release the Kracken!


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